Consideration for the environment


Café Connections has a genuine and ongoing commitment to eco-friendly packaging – which is why the majority of our range is just that – and has been for some time.

There is (unfortunately) a great deal of 'misinformation' peddled in the marketplace and (understandably) many conflicting views as to how best we can package (and dispose of) goods responsibly.

Whilst there may not always be a straightforward answer – you can rely on Café Connections to stay abreast of developments and provide you with plain and honest information as we see it.  So that you can make informed decisions regarding your packaging that will help you care for the environment – and also your business.


Why we like to buy British


Smaller footprint

Buying products produced here in Britain keeps the carbon footprint to a minimum. We cannot understand the logic of importing eco-friendly products from the other side of the world.

Better control

With manufacturers more easily accessible it is easier to forge solid long term working relationships. This enables us to have influence over the development of products of real use to our customers – and to enjoy tighter control over the quality and availability of goods.

Supporting our home industry

In difficult economic times buying British is undoubtedly a good idea – but we only buy British when British is best. Which is why a small percentage of our goods are still imported from reputable sources.

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The personal touch

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one of our takeaway food bowls

Our products

You name it, we stock it for hot and cold food and drinks and much more...

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Bespoke packaging

Design service available

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our clients include hospitals

Who uses us

our clients include hospitals, contract caterers, tourists attractions and many more...

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You name it, we will almost certainly stock it!

You name it, we will almost certainly stock it!


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Re-Usable Cups

Re-usable cups now in stock


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Street Food

Packaging to enhance your street performance


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Bespoke design

Full support with branding



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